KIT Media is a part of Bonnier which is an international media group with operations in all forms of media. Bonnier has a long-term goal to grow and create high quality media.

To rationalize our processes and create conditions for continued growth, the Bonnier group has a company, Bonnier Solutions AB, that deals with most of the group’s financial administration in the Nordic countries.

Bonnier accepts invoices sent in 3 different ways: 

  1. Electronical invoices. KIT uses Inexchange as our VAN operator and our GLN code is: 7365591366106.
  2. PDF E-Mail invoices. All invoices are sent to invoice-se@sol.bonnier.seNew as of 20171101. 
  3. Invoices by physical mail to our scanning partner. 

If you have a small company you have the possibility to send up to 100 electronical invoices a year free of charge through Inexchange web portal, see this guide to set up in less than 5 minutes.

For medium and large companies there are also effective tools available for sending electronical invoices at a low price, see this information from Inexchange for their available options.

1. KITs invoicing address (PDF invoices must also contain invoice address)

Keep In Touch Media Sverige AB
FE 380
838 80 Frösön

NB: Above address is our scanning partner and only regards invoices.

Our VAT Number is SE5591366108

2. Payment terms

Bonnier group standard payment term is 30 days. Please use 30 days payment term on your invoice.

3. All invoices must include the following information (see example):

A. Reference code: Add the reference code that you received from the person at KIT that ordered your goods or service. The reference code consists of six characters, PC followed by 4 numbers eg. PCXXXX. If you have no field for Your Reference Code on your invoice it can be added in the address section after 5904 within brackets eg. 5904 (PCXXXX).

B. Invoice number

C. Invoice date

D. Payment deadline

E. VAT amount

F. Total incl. VAT

G. Currency

H. Plusgiro/Bankgiro or bank account number

I. Company Registration Number

Important: If any of the information listed above is missing from your invoice, the invoice will be sent back to you for completion. Do not hesitate to contact Bonnier Solutions by phone +46 (0)8 580 085 00 or by e-mail if you require further information.